» » » “Emilio Ambasz: Architecture Toward Nature”

“Emilio Ambasz: Architecture Toward Nature”

Exhibition on the work of Emilio Ambasz at Enric Miralles Foundation.

On 13 September the Enric Miralles  Foundation, Passatge de la Pau 10 Barcelona, inaugurates an exhibition on the work of Argentine architect Emilio Ambasz.

What is architecture and what makes a building more than merely a sum of its parts? How does one inhabit a place? Can buildings peacefully coexist with nature? Should architects strive to create emotionally charged total works of art?

These are some of the questions that are central to the work of Emilio Ambasz. Architecture Toward Nature exhibition, organized by the New York-based Curatorial Project, examines the ideas and buildings of Ambasz, an architect, designer, curator, and writer who has been designing and building radical green projects for 40 years.

This exhibition is inspiring the curatorial team of the Enric Miralles Foundation to present Enric Miralles’ works related to the same theme, in a sort of dialog of these two great and influential architects respect to theis ways of relating to landscape and the natural world.

Vladimir Belogolovsky Curator of the Exhibition and Benedetta Tagliabue Director of Miralles Tagliabue EMBT + Enric Miralles Foundation, invite you to the opening of the “Emilio Ambasz: Architecture Toward Nature” Exhibition.

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