Aleksandar Ivancic Lecture at Foros 2018

Foros 2018. Aleksandar Ivancic: “Towards the Zero Energy Design of Healthy Environments: From Arrows to Numbers” On 19 March, Serbian engineer Aleksandar Ivancic, will offer a lecture on the concept of a net zero energy building (nZEB). This concept is becoming a … Read More

Great reviews for finish the winter season

We say goodbye to the winter season fully of great reviews! Winter is coming to the end and we are proud to finish it with some great reviews of the latest that we have received from TripAdvisor, all with the highest … Read More

10 arquitectas que merecen un Pritzker

Mujeres con una trayectoria merecedora de un premio Pritzker. Injustamente, el premio Pritzker, el más prestigioso de arquitectura, ha ignorado históricamente a las mujeres. Solo una, la arquitecta anglo-iraquí Zaha Hadid, recibió el galardón a título individual en 2004. Hoy … Read More

Balkrishna Doshi, Pritzker Prize 2018

B.V. Doshi Receives the 2018 Pritzker Architecture Prize. Professor Balkrishna Doshi, of India, has been selected as the 2018 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate, announced Tom Pritzker, Chairman of Hyatt Foundation, which sponsors the award that is known internationally as architecture’s … Read More

BAW’s Women team

BAW’s Women team to celebrate the International Women’s day This week we are celebrating the International Women’s day. At BAW we have an amazing women team. Every one have something special, and we are happy to share it with you! … Read More

Foros 2018. Itziar González Virós: “Las Ramblas sociales”

”Las Ramblas sociales” Itziar González Virós El ciclo Foros de UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, cita anual imprescindible en el ámbito arquitectónico, celebra 20 años y presenta una nueva edición, con la colaboración de BBC Construmat. Hoy Itziar Gonzalez, en el marco de #Foros2018 “Plural Innovations” hablará … Read More

BAW & RCR Arquitectes first expedition

BAW & RCR expedition has launched last week. Today we share the last new BAW’s expereince: last 20th february we have launched our BAW & RCR Arquitectes expedition, a one-day excursion lead by Jaume Prat Ortells (Architect and critic of … Read More

REM Documentary Screening at IAAC Lecture Series 2018

REM Documentary Screening by Tomas Koolhaas “When you make a film about your father the first thing people ask you about is objectivity, or more specifically your lack of it. Without getting too philosophical about it I believe no human being … Read More

BAW Expedition for Carleton University

Great expedition 2018 for Carleton University. This week we have had the pleasure to be part or a great experience beside a nice student group of Architecture at Carleton University in Otawa, Canada. 2 years ago we did our first … Read More

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