Martina Corona

Sardinia, Italia.
Architecture Studies between Sardinia and Rome (2008-2014)
Erasmus experience abroad in Turkey, Trabzon ( 2009-2010)
Erasmus placement in Greece, Athens, in the restauration field ( 2014 )
Professor and Contributor Writer at Timetoplaybcn ( 2015-2017)
Working in own projects as illustrator (2017)
Baw walker ( 2015-today)

I like to tell stories and my thesis focused on the use of the walk as a way of knowing and rehabilitate a wide portion of the Roman suburbs. That is one of the reasons I enjoy being part of the BAW project, because it is an issue I like to investigate and experiment in.

Currently I divide my time between Architecture Walks and teaching, in addition to push through a few personal projects.

I am fascinated by the world of Imagined Architecture and Architectural Representation as ways to awaken latent perceptions about the city and give life to alternative ways of making architecture.

The architecture is above all an effort of imagination that spans the creative process and leads us to imagine different worlds, with the final aim of finding a way to turn them into reality.


Miguel Angel Borras

Palma de Mallorca.

Architect by the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB-UPC) 2001, Erasmus scholarship to study in Delft during 2000.

Founds Daedalus Architects in 2002 together with Pau Iglesias being finalist of several architecture and investigation competitions (Formica Funcional, Beca Coaib, Art Jove).

In 2004 directs the department of Construction Pathology at the Laboratorio Balear para la Calidad. During 2007 takes the Master studies of Theory and History of Architecture by the ETSAB-UPC.

In 2008 founds MIEL ARCHITECTS together with Elodie Grammont.

My wife Elodie Grammont and I (MIEL Arquitectos) founded Barcelona Architecture Walks in 2010 to provide an outlet for our overwhelming desire to tell stories about architecture and delve into its many secrets.

We decided to take advantage of the unrivaled architectural heritage of our adopted city to start a conversation specifically about Architecture with a capital A,” the profession that at once enthralls and disenchants us, and which has for some time suffered from a steady process of trivialization that has reduced it to nothing more than shapes, styles and names.

The best way to experience the city is by walking, because as you stroll, you’re constantly absorbing the reality around you and picking up on the rhythm of the city. In this process of surveying the city, your unconscious (that database/feeder of dreams and ideas) is jolted into action, giving you direct access to your own imagination and background history. It is in this precise moment that you are transformed and can grow and learn.

For the last three years, we have not been alone in our endeavors. We’ve been joined by a close-knit group of inquisitive architects who share the healthy conviction that if we could all just learn to talk about Architecture, we would make cities – and the planet – much more human.

Carmen Popescu

Architecture Studies between Bucharest and Barcelona (1992-2003)
Specialized in Heritege Preservation
PhD in Barcelona, ETSAB-UPC, thesis in Urban Heritage Management and Protection
Cofounder “Espai VIMET” (2010-today)
Contributor Writer at Zeppelin architecture magazine (2008-today)
Artchitectours collaborator (2015-today)
Baw walker ( 2017-today)
As a BAW walk leader, I try to transmit my experience of Barcelona, both as a practicing architect and as a passionate resident. Our walks allow us to explore the city, exchange ideas and share impressions about its timeless unique features. The routes are attractive and surprising, and I try to make everybody have a good time, while discovering some of Barcelona’s treasures.

Jelena Prokopljevic


Architect degree from the Belgrade University (1998) and PhD from the Polytechnic university of Barcelona (2006)

Practicing architect, researcher, writer and professor of Urban History at BAC (Barcelona architecture Center). Author of different books and articles on 20th century architecture. Co-curator of the Catalan pavilion at the 15th Venice Bienale of Architecture, 2016.

Architecture is always the expression of an epoch: of its society, politics and ideologies, culture, economy and technological development. When a client formulates a project commission, the package contains a set of dreams, a desired image that is to be projected through the built work defining its artistic attractiveness, high technology, ecological awareness, material austerity or exuberance. I like to transmit all this complexity of architecture and its general context both to my students and to my fellow-walkers. 

Cristina Santamaria Nogueira


Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB)
Universität Stuttgart
Helsinki University of Technology (HUT, currently Aalto University)

After combining studies and work in several countries in Europe, I developed my professional career in big architecture practices in Helsinki (Häkli Ky, Siitonen Oy, SARC Oy). I always combined the architect job with tuition at the university in Otaniemi and guiding tours for architects within the company Archtours LTD. Nowadays I am back in Barcelona continuing as a guide with BAW.

It is a pleasure to guide along my home city! A perfect combination of being outside, enjoying such beautiful surroundings while getting to know interesting people, showing them around, opening our minds to each other and letting each walk flow by itself. The great team of guides built at BAW makes our work collaborative an very rewarding!

Ricard Pons i Mascases


Studies in Barcelona and Brussels. Architect by ETSAB-UPC (2004)

Co-founder of ADM arquitectura

Col·laborator with “El Globus Vermell” (2016)

Two postgraduate courses on town planning and energy saving (2011-2012)

He has worked on his own and also for several town planning and architecture agencies in Barcelona and Brussels.

He is currently working for the Catalan Government and has worked for the COAC (Architect’s Association of Catalonia) International Department.

My personal motto comes from Bob Dylan: Nothing is as stable as change.” I like that because I think it applies to many things, such as the way a city somehow seems to be a finished object, but is actually changing all the time.

Pia Wortham

Mexico City, Mexico.
Tufts University Civil Engineering and Fine arts Museum School of Boston Massachusetts. 1980-84
Masters of Architecture Columbia University 1985-89
Winner of the Matthew Del Gaudio Award for Design Excellence Columbia University 1989

Enric Miralles Architect 1990-1993, 1994-1997
Callis Wortham Architects 1991- 2018
Professor Portland University 2002- 2006
Professor University of Houston Barcelona Summer Program 2012-2013
Professor History of Technology Barcelona Architecture Center 2015-2018

BAW Walker Nov 2017- the present

History is multidisciplinary,  and if we choose to look at history this way the whole accumulation of our human experience is more interesting. My classes have a healthy combination of technology and historical fact that I combine in order to relate the past to our present architectural practice and technology. This dual focus allows me to adapt the content of my tours based on the background and interests of the group. Architecture is a strange hybrid of many disciplines that literally makes up our built environment, I  try to convey the intricacies and complexities of cities in general and Barcelona in particular to enhance a sense of curiosity in the world around us.

Rafael Gómez-Moriana

Montreal, Canada.

Associate Adjunct Professor, University of Calgary architecture program in Barcelona.
Studied architecture at the University of Waterloo (1989) and the Berlage Institute Amsterdam (1995).
Has taught at UPC Metropolis Master’s Program, Barcelona Architecture Center, University of Manitoba, Carleton University, University of British Columbia.
Has lectured at the Architectural Association, Umeå University, Universidad de Belgrano and ETSAB.
Contributor to the Architectural Review, Frame, Azure, Baumeister, Lotus, Log, Oris, Palimpsesto, Jornal Arquitectos, Quaderns, Arquitectura Viva; former Spain correspondent for Mark Magazine.
Columnist at BCN MÉS. Blogs at

“Once it is built, inhabited, and part of a living city, architecture takes on a life of its own, sometimes becoming something that was never foreseen. Barcelona itself has undergone many transformations throughout its history, including a recent post-industrial change into a global tourism brand that is based, in large part, on its built patrimony. My interest lies in how architecture affects and is in turn affected by societal change.”