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Who is Ricardo Bofill and how does his famous project, Walden 7, continue to influence the city of Barcelona today?

Spain underwent an extreme political shift with the death of Francisco Franco in 1975. Anything seemed possible in the period between regimes, especially in Barcelona and Catalonia.

Bofill begins his now more than 50-year career in the 1960´s in Barcelona.  A self-described nomad, he is also Catalonia´s most international architect, with projects in many different countries designed within the canons of many different stylistic approaches.

This tour will explore his work by visiting early residential projects, including a one hour tour inside Bofill´s Walden 7 in Sant Just Desvern, that address the overall concept of housing in an urban context that makes his work unique. From the Walden 7 will have an unique view of his house and office, La Fabrica.

We will look at Barcelona in the 70´s and see how the city grows up with Bofill through the changes in government, the Olympics of 1992, and the current trends in urbanism.

Sebastian Bach 4 and 28 Housing. Images from RBTA

How has Bofill built in a city that is home to the architecture of Gaudi and the urban grid of Cerdà. How does his combination of programmatic concerns create iconic public and private spaces that are so popular 40 to 50 years after their construction?




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